Getting by at a cafe or restaurant

En el restaurante In the restaurant

One of the things you are sure to do from time to time is eat in a restaurant or cafeteria. This page will give you some useful tips about ordering food in Spanish

Some of the main things you will need to know

One thing there is no shortage of on the Costa del Sol are places to eat. Whether that be for a quick bite to eat at lunch time or for a meal in the evening, there are many different types of restaurants in the area.

Some of the main phrases you will need

Let's start with actually booking a table over the phone.

If you want to book a table for 9 O'clock in the evening for 4 people you would say something like the following:

Buenas Tardes / Buenas Noches. ¿puedo reservar una mesa para esta noche a las nueve? Somos cuatro personas y me llamo John Smith.

Good evening / Good night. Can I reserve a table for tonight at nine. We are 4 people and my name is John Smith.

OK so that's the table booked. Now when you arrive you will need to advise the waiter that you have reserved a table.

Buenas Noches, tengo una mesa reservada a nombre de John Smith.

Good night, I have a reservation in the name of John Smith